Ketsyha is a puerto rican singer, songwriter, composer, and producer.  She studied classical voice with the tenor José Ramón Torres at the University of Puerto Rico. At the same time she was singing and studying Jazz with Samuel Morales in the Jazz Worshop Ensemble.  She also completed a training in Contemporary and Commercial singing styles at The CCM Institute of Vocal Pedagogy at Shenandoah University. Ketsyha’s music is influenced by the classics R&B/Soul singers as Steve Wonder and Aretha Franklin, and also from more recent artists like Alicia Keys and Lauryn Hill, as well as by puerto rican artists like José Feliciano, Son by 4, Olga Tañón, Marc Anthony, and the Latin-American duet, “Sin Bandera”.

On 2010 she released her first EP called “Libertad” and contains 6 songs, three in English
and three in Spanish. This EP is about finding freedom in herself by giving priority to the joys of different parts of everyday life and how life lessons led her to find it. This way, she departs from the norms of typical R&B songs, and she focus on themes of appreciating life. Three years later she released a single of the songs that holds the name of the the EP “Libertad” , with a new arrangement, and a music video.


Each one of her songs are meant to inspire people to be better in life, to get motivated or to be empowered. For example, one of the songs she is producing called “Move On”, is about the importance of moving on from difficulties, no matter the circumstances there is always hope and you must fight in live. Her music clearly support its message by the melodies and rhythms she chooses. Her studies in music back from her high school years to her studies in Music Composition at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico are reflected in her music by the way she structure her songs and arrangements. She likes to use the sound of live instruments specially
the drums, piano and bass, and incorporate electronic sounds in keyboards or percussion effects.


She also values the role of musicians, and that’s why she integrates them in her music to add that  human component. Her love for music harmony employed in the voice, led her to include it on every song specially in the background vocals. Right now Ketsyha is developing her music production skills and working in her next projects to be released on 2020.




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